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We want to make sure our website, app and emails are as accessible and easy to use as possible. For everyone.

The work we do online follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and we test (test and test again) to see how well we're doing.

Our RNIB partnership

We were the first credit card company in the UK to be accredited by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) in 2017. We continue to work closely with the RNIB to ensure that any work we do, both online and offline, is fully accessible for people with all kinds of disabilities.

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Share your situation with us

There are lots of ways we can help you manage your account from day to day.

Whether it’s for accessibility reasons, or you’ve had something change in your life recently, it’s easy to let us know.

You can share your situation and request special support in the app. Just head to the Help & Support section, tap ‘Your situation and support’ and then ‘Share your situation’.

Don’t have the app? You can give us a call on 03444 812 812.

Capital One mobile app

Accessibility for the website

We use technology and design our website in ways that help us make its content accessible for all. There are also steps you can take using your device to make things easier.

Accessibility features for using the website on a computer

Accessibility for the app, emails and printed communications

Our app is compatible with most accessibility features, like inverting screen colours on your device and screen readers. You can set these up on your device.

For emails, we can send you text-only versions if you let us know that’s what you want. We have a range of alternative formats available for our communications too.

Accessibility features for the app, emails and other communications