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Our balance transfer credit cards

Guarantee your transfer amount

We’ll let you know if your full transfer amount is within your credit limit, before you apply.

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Save money by transferring higher rate credit card balances

Credit Card

Our balance transfer credit card

Credit Card
  • Up to £8,000 credit limit
  • Maximum 3% transfer fee
0% Interest on:
  • Balance transfers for up to 18 months
  • Purchases for 3 months

(both subject to eligibility)

34.9% APR representative variable

Representative Example: Assuming a credit limit of £1,200 and an interest rate on purchases of 34.94% p.a. variable, you will receive a 34.9% APR representative variable.

How does the balance transfer guarantee work?


Tell us your transfer amount

Combine balances from up to 5 cards to transfer to your new Capital One card.


We'll tell you if it's approved

Know for sure if you can transfer your full balance, before you apply.


Continue with confidence

No commitments and no impact to your credit score.

What is a balance transfer credit card?

A balance transfer credit card lets you move an existing balance from one credit card to another. They usually come with lower interest rates than regular credit cards, and can offer 0% interest for a fixed number of months when you first get the card.

Balance transfer credit cards can help you save money and pay your balance off sooner, because a lower interest rate means you’ll pay back more of what you actually owe. Especially if you can pay off your balance before the 0% interest offer ends.

Just make sure to always pay at least the minimum payment each month to keep your account up to date. And if you can pay more than the minimum, that’s even better as it’ll help you clear your balance quicker.

Balance Transfer Fee Calculator

Check the cost before you move your money

Transfer Amount: £500Fee Percentage: 3%Transfer fee:

Is a balance transfer credit card right for me?

A balance transfer card can be a useful way of reducing how much it costs to pay back what you owe. It can also help you get free from debt quicker.

Depending on your application, our balance transfer cards could give you up to 2 years without any interest charged on your balance. Meaning that you can focus on paying back the balance, without worrying about any extra costs.

Capital One balance transfer cards offer credit limits up to £8,000. You may find that the balance (or balances) you want to transfer is bigger than the credit limit we can offer you. In that case, you could still transfer part of your outstanding balance onto one of our cards.

Things you should know about balance transfer credit cards