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Credit card repayment calculator

How long will it take to pay off your credit card? Enter your current balance and your card's interest rate. Then slide left or right to estimate how much time and money you could save when you pay more than the minimum each month.


Monthly repayment (slide to adjust the amount)

Pay your card off in0 years, 0 months
Interest will cost£0

Figures are estimated and compared to making the minimum payment each month.

If your monthly repayment is


you'll pay off your current balance

0 years, 0 months faster

and you'll also end up

saving nothing

Good to know

Interest costs, savings and pay-off times are based on the current balance and the interest rate you enter. We've estimated them based on this balance, with interest rounded up to the nearest £. We've made some assumptions too:

  • You make no new transactions or balance transfers.
  • You've entered the correct interest rate for your card.
  • In this example, your minimum payment is calculated as 1% of the current card balance entered plus interest, or £5, whichever is higher. We don't include default fees here. Some customers' minimum payments are higher than 1%, so real pay-off times and interest costs would change from those shown.
  • You make your monthly repayments on time every month.
  • You don't incur fees in future (for example by missing payments, or going overlimit).
  • Your card's terms and conditions don't change.

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