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Why check your score with CreditWise?

Won't affect your credit score

Come back and check your report as often as you like, it'll never affect your credit score.

It's 100% free, forever

Checking your credit score or report with CreditWise won't cost a penny, ever.

Stay on top of your score

See what's going well, and what you could improve on. Plus, get an email if something changes.

How does CreditWise work?

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    Enter some details

    Like your name and address.

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    We'll check them

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    Get your free report

    And check as often as you like.

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Take our Score Simulator for a spin

CreditWise's Score Simulator uses your credit report information to show how getting credit (like cards or loans) might affect your score.

  • See how credit could affect your score, before you apply for it
  • Compare all sorts of credit (not just credit cards)
  • No impact on your credit score

What is your credit score?

Your credit score reflects your recent relationship with credit, summed up in a number. It takes into account most types of borrowing you've done, but it's affected by other things too. Things like paying your phone bill on time, or being registered to vote. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be eligible for a credit card or loan.

Why should you check your credit score?

A good credit score can make a big difference to your life. The better your credit score, the more likely you are to be accepted for different types of credit.

Checking your credit report with CreditWise can help you understand how to improve your score. You can see what's holding back your credit score and what's going well. You'll even get tips on how to improve your general finances. It also means you can spot any mistakes and get them sorted so they don't count against you.

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CreditWise is powered by TransUnion, one of the UK's three biggest credit reference agencies.